Wednesday, November 07, 2007


One of the things we found out about the sweet little child that was destined to be ours was that they had 'blankies' in the Orphanage.
I went to work to make one for our girl and it has been with her since the very first night she was with us and she has slept with it on all but about 2 occasions - 1 when I left it at home and 1 when it had to be washed.
This weekend just passed she decided to use it to wipe down the blackboard (!!!). She rarely has it outside her cot - but she sometimes wanders into her room and reaches in and grabs it if she can..this was one of those occasions. Well - I couldn't let her sleep with it in the state it was in, so it had to be washed. Now I have a front-loading washing machine and yes - the cycle takes 2.5 hours (aargh). She didn't do too badly when I had to put her to bed without her 'snugli' - but she was unsettled. I decided it was time....I had everything there to make another one I just hadn't got there yet - so I did it. I made an identical one for her. She now thinks she's in 7th heaven and she is totally tickled that there are two (if she gets to see them together). I've decided one can live in her babybag - the other in her cot. I snuck into her room and dropped it in beside her and needless to say she happily slept for her 3 hours. She doesn't seem to recognize the difference between the two - but I sure's a piccy for :)

New on the left....old on the right

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