Monday, November 19, 2007

Then it was Meiya's 2nd birthday.....(from Ebby)

Another BIG day - we left Canberra early so we could make it to my batch buddy Meiya's second birthday. She's the 4th one of us to turn two. It was also her 'naming day' and her daddy wrote a really beautiful went like this.....

Meisie Moo
We started on a journey filled with hope for those who dare,
To bare their heart and soul and risk elation or despair.
We trudged along the pathway of a seeming endless wait,
We bared our heart and soul but our reward is oh so great.
T’was Guangzhou China, Christmas day, the day we'll ne’er forget,
It’s welded to our hearts, that very moment we first met.
And oh when I first held her and she softly snuggled in,
Arms wrapped around my shoulders head tucked tight beside my chin.
So quietly she lie there not a murmur not a stir,
We’ll never know for certain what this moment means to her.
We’ve travelled our short journey and it’s reached it’s blissful end,
Her life has been a journey one that we’ll not comprehend.
Her silence tells her story well, what thoughts must crowd her mind,
These faces here so diff’rent from the ones she left behind.
Her first days pass in silence as her fingers touch the world,
With ev’ry sight and smell and touch new wonders are unfurled.
We touched the earth in Wutang where her new life made a start,
That piece of earth forever holds a mother’s broken heart.
So many tiny faces stare from cots in Suixi Town,
We’re visiting her orphanage I dare not put her down.
She clings to me, her body speaks the words that she can’t say,
“Don’t put me down, don’t leave me here, for I don’t want to stay.”
We walked right out those open doors and as we walked on through, We left behind that orphanage, she left her silence too.
That night she lay between us and she watched us for a while,
Then placed her hand on each of us and burst into a smile.
Our window’s twenty stories high, the Shanghai lights are bright
I hold her in my arms and we both stare into the night.
We watch the headlights of the cars that hustle through the streets,
We hear the tramps that echo from two billion Chinese feet.
There the peasant, there the rich man, see their pleasure, feel their pain,
All this is yours, your China and we’ll bring you back again.
We can’t foresee your future now or where your heart may roam,
As we watch China fade away and we are flying home.
A year has almost come and gone and oh the things she’s learnt,
We rue her past forgotten may her bridges be not burnt.
We’ll not forget her struggle or the pain that she’s gone through,
But now? We’re just her mum and dad and she’s our Meisie Moo.

It made mummy cry to hear it - I don't understand all that stuff yet. But I do understand party's a bit bet now and this one was really great! Lots of people and lots of fun and lots of yummy food. And! lots of new toys to play with and on. I really loved the car, which mummy will show you with photo's. When we got home, mummy found I had bleeding feet from not holding my feet up when I was being pushed around in the car.....I didn't feel a thing!

My friend Eliza was there too and we had lots of fun we always do. Aislinn was there too - she had been to Canberra and she hadn't been very well - but she's always fun to be around. Meiya was pretty exhausted and she just wanted to play and not be part of all the celebrations...which was fine with me 'cause I got to play with her too! We had so much fun together. It was a great day - but I'm glad to be back home in my own bed again. ....Till next time.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Thanks for your words on my site... the wait is hard but never thought it would be this hard... I know my turn will come but I like to be in control and the not being in control or knowing 100% as to 'why' is killing me... I know I will be ok in a few days but still... right now I want to scream... Also the sooner I get back to Australia (though for only a visit) to get my 'accent' back and just the laid back lifestyle... even climbing the Harbour Bridge (which I always wanted to do)... I am originally from Newcastle, NSW... ahhhh... home...