Friday, November 02, 2007

12 months ago today...

It's so hard to believe - but 12 months ago today I thought it would be another day of waiting...another day of feeling hopeless. Never, in our 15 month wait had there been a month where there were no referrals - and that's exactly what happened in October last year. There were rumours that referrals were going to go on hold for some time. It was awful and I will NEVER forget the feeling.
But it did happen. At exactly 7pm Melbourne time (4pm China time) the CCAA website changed - and so did our lives. We had been in Albury/Wodonga all day and I didn't get any calls from anyone, so I assumed the worst. Little did I know (as soon as I walked in the door I checked the CCAA website of course!) - it had happened and we were included. That was a Thursday. I have no idea what happened between then and "the call" that happened on Monday mid morning. We had a 14 month old daughter waiting for us in China. Then it was Cup Day on Tuesday - so we had to wait until Wednesday night to see the picture of the child that I had imagined/dreamed about/believed for....for so, so many years.
Ebony has now been home with us for 10.5 months and she is totally - without question - the light of our lives. She fills our days (and nights at times!) with fun, joy, happiness and love.
Hang in there all those of you waiting. I don't know which dates before Ebony were the most important...but I will NEVER, EVER forget this date I can assure you!
Jen Boote
DH Graham
DD Ebony Grace Huaxing (26.5 months old)
Forever Day 25th December, 2006


Tamie said...


She is just gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing the joy you felt the day you knew your daughter was waiting!!


Ktita said...

on november the 7th is a year since we got THE CALL :) - when we saw the photos of our ElĂ­sabet - and when the life sort of started - yes, a new chapter started for sure :)
One of our best days he he :)

love - Kitta & co ;)