Saturday, November 24, 2007


Eb is changing so much and I want to mention some of the things....more for her and for my own records than anything.

The first one isn't too good - yesterday she had a 'Febrile Convulsion' - not something I ever want to live through again. I thought she had a bit of a temperature the day before - but she seemed mostly ok. Then yesterday we went to Speech Therapy first up - and she was fine. After that we bumped into daddy and she was still as excited as she would normally be - then we went to the supermarket and that's where things changed. I had walked around the lake to the Speech Therapist and then I had do everything I had to do by foot with Eb in the pram - not normally a problems at all. The weather up here is VERY warm already and the fly's have to be seen to be believed - so I had the sunshade thingy over Eb in the pram. When I walked into the supermarket I remember her happily saying hello to Wendy in F&V and then we went to the deli (or past it) and I was pleasantly surprised that Eb didn't ask for some ham - but didn't say anything to her. Then Julie - a friend from Church - stopped me and we talked for 2-3 minutes. She went to walk off and she said how Eb was fairly quiet (which happens) - so Julie went to say bye to her. Eb appeared (through the sunshade) to be asleep which I couldn't believe. I lay the pram back down but thought she seemed to be in an unusual position so I undid the cover and immediately I knew something wasn't right - her eyes were (open) glassy and rolling and her mouth was white and she wasn't responding. Julie just said run her straight to the doctor surgery which is fairly close - so I grabbed her out of the pram - left the pram there and ran towards the Doctors. A few people asked if I was ok and I just said I wasn't sure - but luckily one of those people was an Paramedic and he stopped me and looked at Eb and said he felt she'd had a febrile convulsion - whatever that was. He directed me straight to emergency at the hospital (he ended up coming with me). The hospital is almost as close as the Doctors. There they checked her out and confirmed that it had indeed been a febrile convulsion - caused by relatively sudden changes in her temperature. During checking her out they found she had an extremely bad ear infection and that was most likely what had caused it. Eb's ok now - had a bit of an unsettled night and has been a bit fragile, but basically ok. She's back on antibiotics :(
I, however, was a wreck this morning - I literally felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Now I'm starting to feel a bit better, but I never, ever, want to experience that again - although I must say I'd be a bit better prepared.

The second one is REALLY exciting :) (for me anyway!) - for the first time, Eb told me she's done a poo poo! I was so thrilled 'cause I know it's just a glimpse of her starting to understand her body.

This morning she came into bed with me because daddy's away on a 4wd weekend. She had her medication, then her bottle (yes - just the morning one now) and then she just lay there and reached out for my hand and just held it - can you imagine what that did to my heart? It was SO beautiful. My little girl is starting to really love me - I know I've said that before, but I can just sense change when it happens.

She's also starting to recognize numbers one and two. She had 2 drink bottles in her hand today and looked at me and said 'two'. She's a clever little girl! .... although I must say, anything more than two is two too!

She's also learned to say 'bye bye' VERY clearly - it's just the cutest. We were tucking her in for the night and having lots of fun doing so when all of a sudden she waved and said 'bye bye' - I guess that meant she was ready for sleep! She also says 'bye bye' to playschool at the end of the program. She also 'waves' a lot - even as she leaves the room! I happen to have a photo of it actually!

Eb has also learned how to open doors!

She LOVES playing 'peek-a-boo' by just lifting her hands sideways away from her eyes...very cute! She also hides behind pieces of furniture and just appears and's just so funny to see.

She speaking the most amazing language now.....I question if some of it is Chinese actually - but it's probably just good 'ol little person gabble. We love it. She wanders around the house talking this funny language...sometimes singing it. How precious.

She's started eating Muesli for breakfast. She seems to love it. She's eating much more in the way of 'normal' food now and I'm soon to start her on the same meals as us. She chewed on her first chop bone very recently too - not that she doesn't have meat - she does and she loves it. It was just the first time for a bone.

We think her face is really changing - it's getting longer and not as round....just like her little body! She's getting much taller - or at least it appears that way....actually I've just checked and she's still 87cm - same as at 2 yo. Yet she seems to be so much taller - maybe she's just thinned out.

Well, I think that's it for now...till next time.

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Cathy said...

just came across this blog post - ebony grace is beautiful :)

our little boy had a febrile convulsion a couple of nights ago and it was absolutely terrifying. hope your little girl is okay.