Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chinese Embassy Canberra

Once again this was one of those events I'm really glad we went to. It was a fair bit of organising - we left Mt. Beauty Friday lunchtime and drove to Canberra where we stayed in a lovely 'home stay'. Had a bit of trouble finding a place for dinner - but eventually found a lovely pub, although it didn't have highchairs which is such a pain! Here's a photo from the night out.

Saturday we went and did a bit of shopping around Canberra and then took Eb back for a sleep before we went to the Embassy. I dressed Eb up in a traditional Cheongsam and she looked adorable. It was such a great afternoon and evening - we got to meet old friends and make new and even meet some people we'd only ever emailed with. Eb just loved all the balloons and the lovely gift they were given by the Embassy. This is something the do each year simply to thank us for looking after 'their' daughters I guess. They had a dragon dance and the grounds were just beautiful. We'd love to go back next year if we can.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How cute... love the dress... dying to get home... take care...