Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Where on earth do they learn the things they learn????

I'm in shock - I now have a 'drama queen' in the home!
I have no idea where Ebony has learned it - but she has.
We had a 'difference of opinion' and I had to let her go and work it out on her own.
When I walked back in our room - where she was - she looked up at me with puppy eyes and did a 'mock' dropping of her bottom if to say 'boo hoo I'm just not happy mummy'. I smiled sweetly at her ('cause I remember only too well what it's like not getting your own way!) and then it happened!!! She put one hand on the bed and then crossed the other one over it and then put her head on her you get the picture? and to top it off she then let out a short burst of 'crocodile tears'. I stood there totally stunned (whilst trying desperately to stifle my laughter).

Now! I don't do 'drama queen' myself (or at least it doesn't look quite like that :) it begs the question - where do they learn things like that?!!! I have no idea, but I must say it was incredibly cute to watch!

Here's a sort of a version of what it looks like...

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Cristina said...

Oh Jen, that is just precious! I'm not sure where they get it from but my two big kids still do a similar version!! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog. We really do feel that God has blessed us magnificently with Alice. She is just a dream to parent, and seems to be getting quite fond of me! Hope you are now well settled in your gorgeous new home. I loved China, but I'll tell you what - there is nothing that compares to being back home breathing fresh air!! Love and blessings,
Cristina xx