Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello's and Goodbye's

There are some things I'm saying hello to and some I'm saying goodbye to. The last few days have held both.

Today I recognize that I probably held my beautiful daughter when she fell asleep in my arms for one of the last times - the only exception may be when she's unwell.
I went to Albury for the day (50 minutes) and she didn't have her day sleep. She slept for about 30 mins in the car on the way home and she was woken when I pulled into the garage. She wasn't a happy camper let me tell you. I took her inside and even though I knew we had to be out again and I still had dinner to cook I sat on the couch just to let her adjust. Before I knew it I could hear the 'sounds of sleep'. She was sound asleep. What a beautiful moment it was. She slept like that for about 20 minutes and I loved every single moment of it. Will it by the last time. She's rarely fallen asleep in my arms anyway...and I mean rarely. Usually only in the middle of the night. This was rare so it probably was a last. I loved it and I'm so, so glad I was aware.

What I'm saying hello to is ...finally.... sentences. Yesterday on the way to work she pointed to the cows and said 'lots and lots of moo cows'. 6 words together - I was thrilled. Eb has many, many words - but not many sentences. I'm working hard on helping her start to use sentences and it's working.

So - hello's and goodbye's - all a part of the wonderful journey that is motherhood.

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Kay Bratt said...

That is so sweet. I recently kept my grandson and he kept me up half the night, but I laughed and was filled with joy at the wonders of his beautiful face.