Sunday, August 17, 2008

You can't help but laugh!

Oh my goodness my little girl makes me laugh. Both of these video's are different and I laugh for different reasons.....see what you think!

This first one is Ebony 'reading a story' to herself! (Harry the dirty dog - gorgeous little book).

The second one is taken when a girlfriend of mine who lives the next valley over came to visit. She hadn't seen Eb for months - but they sure got on well and had lots of laughs! They were playing with two small balls and Eb cracks up everytime they actually hit each other.


Anonymous said...

Ebony you are so gorgeous!!!
See you on Saturday
Love Meiya XXX

Anonymous said...

Nannie said.
Our Darling Ebony, thank you so much for reading that lovely story to us. Now we understand what you've been telling us about when we were with you last month and you kept on telling me this long story but you didn't have the book.Now it makes perfect sense and I fully understand what you were telling me.
You are such a joy to me and I look forward to seeing you at your 3rd birthday party on Saturday.
We get the chance to see you together with your cousins and it will be a special day.
Big hug and cuddles for you and also to your Mummy & Daddy.
Tues.19 Aug.2008......Luvvvv.Nan.X

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!!!! Just love how her little legs are crossed while she is 'reading' the story. Can you imagine just how expressive she is going ot be when she gets older!! See you tonight at Connect Group at YOUR house!

Christine xxx

Mendy said...

What a beautiful story from a beautiful little girl. Sending hugs from Florida, USA.