Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three today!

What a morning it's been! I never had any idea how much fun a 3 year could be and how much fun to prepare for celebrating!
I got Eb up and dressed before we opened any presents. Here is a photo taken before presents.....this little girl makes me laugh so much!

Then it was time to bring out the pressies......she's was so excited when she saw the bike, but unfortunately I couldn't get a good photo.

Then it was time to get the cake/honey joys/fairy bread ready for playgroup at 9.30am (needless to say I was late!). Didn't matter a bit though - Eb had a blast from the moment she arrived! Everyone made such a fuss and it was lovely to watch. We've been very blessed to have her actual birthday fall on Playgroup days last year and this year.

After playgroup finished, we decided to take the new bike to the lake and try it out. Eb did so well and while we were near the playground we stopped for some extra fun!

then it was some fun time on the deck!

What a wonderful day :)

Now for some 'facts'.....
Changes, changes, changes. Gosh, how my girl has grown. Everyone I see comments on how much she has grown. Here are some statistics....

Height - 95cm
Weight - 14.5kg
Clothes size - mostly 2, moving into 3
Shoe size - 7
Food: - a bit fussier these days. I have to 'hide' the vege's amongst the meat. Loves sweet things (she's a real girl!), loves meat, pasta, apples. Doesn't like strawberries. Likes bananas. Still loves strong cheeses, olives, grapes. Ebony is still drinking only milk and water - nothing else!
Clothes: - doesn't have any opinions - is starting to like to dress herself though which is fun! She does like boots - it's about the only thing she asks to wear.

I've pondered back on some of the 'lasts' and here are the ones I can think of....
She no longer does that gorgeous 'wave' she used to do
She doesn't need any help going to sleep during the day or evening
She doesn't need help to be fed
She's almost grown out of her pram
She is no longer crawling or 'unstable' on her feet
She has lost her 'reservedness' in most situations
She no longer sleeps 'all over the place' in her cot (that could change in summer though!)
She no longer fits under the bench in the kitchen!

And some gorgeous new things.....
The cuddles! so, so many of them :)
The orders.....'lay down' 'sit down' 'get up' the list goes on!
Being totally 'Mummy's girl' - I'm definitely the only one she will happily hug, kiss etc and now I'm the only one allowed to change her!
The 'don't want it' stage (can't call that gorgeous though!)
Tucking 'Suixi Bear' and 'Rabbit' in with snuggly when I get her up in the morning
The morning 'Mummy' call
The 'this way' whenever we're in the car (always wants to head to the shops!)
The 'come on Daddy' when it's time to be tucked into bed
The 'reada' for when she wants a story

gosh - the list goes on. It so wonderful to be able to take the time to notice the things that are no longer around and the new things....not to mention the constants. What a life it is to have a 3 year old around. I totally love it!


Chelley said...

Happy sweet sweet 3rd Birthday dearest Ebony

you are growing into a wonderful little person!!!!

Mum that birthday cake rocks!!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ebony... you are becoming an old girl now... you are a special little Aussie...