Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My sweet child

It's been a while since I wrote about feelings. Feelings are something I know will be hard to recall as Ebony grows up and yet they are so much a part of every day I live. They always have been in reality - but they are very different these days.

I' m still in awe of the journey of motherhood. Of all it holds. Of how worthwhile the wait for my daughter has been. It was so, so hard waiting. But it was so worthwhile.

Ebony is growing so much. I'll give more of an update on facts when she turns 3 in a few weeks. She is saying LOTS of words now but still not saying many sentences.

She is absolutely loads of fun to be with. I know I've said that before but each new stage seems to bring a new face to joy. Gosh it doesn't take much to make her smile or laugh. We have so much fun just with a balloon. Who needs expensive toys anyway?

Mornings are still very special (although very early!). Eb's up somewhere between 6 and 6.30 these days and I'm so exhausted the mornings are quite hard - but she makes them so much easier. Sometimes I just want to pull the sheets over my head and then I hear her sweet 'mummy' from the monitor and all of a sudden I'm revitalised. I often wonder how I would feel if she weren't in my life. She still comes into bed with me and has a bottle then she's running on all 8 cylinders and all she wants to do is play. She will play on her own, but finds it far more fun playing with us.

She is still giving me those adorable kisses where she holds either side of my face - but at the moment I'm the only one she really wants to kiss or cuddle. Poor Daddy even misses out. She also asks for cuddles when we're in bed in the morning - and often during the day actually.

My heart is so full of love - my eyes still tear up so easily when I watch her. She is my joy, my light, my life. (and no - this doesn't take away from my guy - he's all that to me too - but this blog is about Eb :). I can't imagine the time when I have to let her go to school - but I'm preparing myself. I still find it incredibly difficult letting her go while I go to work - but I've managed (somehow) to get it all into perspective. Some days are still VERY tough - but my attitude is probably a bit better. It will be good for Eb in the long run I guess.

I've also decided to try her in 3yo kinder next year (and most likely the year after too). I think the social aspect will be good for her.

Well - feelings are a wonderful thing most of the time. Where she's concerned they are the very best thing I have. What a privilege to Mother this little girl. She loves me so much I can tell - yet she's still happy to be with other people. She's polite, mostly friendly, happy, fun, loves music, movement and people.

How lucky am I? .....very....actually - no - extremely.

She's my darling girl.....

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