Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family outing

Poor Graham has been so busy since we returned - his apprentice has hurt his arm and could be off for some time. Anyway - it was time for a family outing and we decided to head up to the newly opened 'Fainter Falls' walking track. It's only 1000m and not too challenging.. for us .... a bit more for our darling girl - but she did so incredibly well! Asked to be picked up a couple of times, but when we said no she basically took it in her stride (other than one tear session). It was quite a hot day and there isn't much shade on the track so we all got hot. The last 200 metres are quite rocky and more difficult - but she did the lot and we really did have a fun time.

A view of some of the track

Mummy stopping to wipe away some tears...

Fainter Falls - on the way up to Falls Creek

Eb and Daddy in front of the Falls

Then Mummy and Eb

Traversing the more difficult part...with Eb jumping and loving it!

Water please, please Mummy!

Some of the views on the way back - fires had gone through here in 2006 just before we left to go to China and get Ebony.

Daddy and Eb on the way back

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