Saturday, January 10, 2009

Then it was off to Inverloch

We took our camper trailer with us and continued on from Waratah Bay to Inverloch. We met up with Eb's Godmother and two of her children - Callum 17 and Kaitlin 14. We had a wonderful time with them although the weather was either super hot (for maybe a day) or cool. The evenings were actually cold. We were staying in a Caravan Park where we couldn't light a fire so we ended up having a few early nights.

Eb had so much fun at the beach. It's so easy to forget how much children love sand and beaches. I've come back wishing just a little bit that we were closer to a beach! It's so lovely walking along the beach in the morning ..... even if it's a bit chilly.

It was a very relaxing time and we loved it down there and it was amazing to watch Ebony interact with other children around us.
the first photo is of Ebony standing near our camper trailer looking out at the other kids playing - it was a melencholy moment for me - a sign of times to come when she will be running off to play without a care. Enjoy some photo's and video's.

Looking out and wanting to be part of the fun...

a gorgeous ladybird in the playground...or maybe that's two!

Ebby and Aunty Marg having fun together!

Eb and her friend Stephanie who she hasn't seen for quite some time....they got on so well!

One VERY hot afternoon sleep!

Down to the beach for some fun - Eb got to use Kaitlin's body board and loved it!

Waking up one morning in the Camper Trailer

Just a photo taken on a day outing...

Some fun in the sand on our last morning there...

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