Saturday, January 31, 2009

A vist from Steve, Sandi, Molly and Ming

We have had the most wonderful 3 days with this precious family. Steve and Sandi have a bio daughter Molly who is 8.5 and almost a year ago their son Ming was placed in their arms in China. Ebony has had an absolute ball with the children and her and Ming got on so well (she already got on extra well with Molly!) - they played so beautifully together. I can't believe how blessed we are with the people we have met through the adoption journey.

It was SOOOOO hot - but I really made the effort to show them around. We took a walk up to Fainter Falls because I though it would be cooler - tee hee! It was still 32 there and it's half way to Falls Creek. We were all exhausted after that walk but decided to go on to Falls Creek. Had a bite to eat there and it was really hot even there - the locals said it was one of the hotter days they have experienced too. Felt hot at 28 degrees, but the shock was worse when we got back down to Mt Beauty!

We visited our friends pool a couple of times - but we were a bit restricted with what we could do. Anyway - we had a wonderful time and that's what matters!

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