Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A visit with family on the way home

I had to have an MRI on my neck on Sunday - so we left Inverloch on Saturday and spent the Sat and Sun nights with my sister and her family. It was a lovely stay - the first time we've stayed with them since we moved away. My niece Renee (11) had just got a new puppy 2 days before we arrived - her name is Millie and Ebony was a bit fascinated and not at all scared really. It was lovely to see her with Millie although I don't think Millie was quite ready for Eb!

My sister Di read to Eb and played with her which was so lovely and of course Renee played with her as well. Eb also got another Christmas present....a gorgeous scooter! She'll have LOTS of fun with that! We had to have our car serviced on the Monday and had planned to head home about 11am - but that sure wasn't to be! We finally left Melbourne at about 6.30PM (after the car being delayed) and then had to go to Alexandra on the way home to fix some taps at Graham's Mum and Dad's and have dinner with them. Needless to say we finally arrived home at 12.15AM on Tuesday morning. Eb fell asleep about 30mins before we got home - she sure hung in there. The photo of her asleep on her change table is taken when we lifted her from the car to the change table to get her ready for bed - she was more exhausted than I have ever seen her! The next one is the next morning where she's happy to be home and back with her toys!

Eb and Millie the dog

Aunty Di reading a book with Eb

Renee and Eb having fun together

The look of joy when Eb got her new scooter...

Totally exhausted and asleep on her change table

The next morning .....home to her Christmas toys!

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