Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First ever Ice-cream in a cone....and a fun day at Bright

Yep - I know. She's been terribly deprived - but I've just looked after her teeth as best I can. However there are times when fun is called for over common sense.
This was one of those days! Today Eb turns 3 and 5 months...sounds like a good reason to celebrate! Graham had to go over to Bright to quote some Solar Hot Water Services and Ebony and I took in the shops while he quoted. He took more time than he planned (!) so we ended up sitting down to an ice-cream. Ebony LOVED it! she thought it was the BEST treat! It was a bit cold at first and took time for her to settle into that but the sweet flavour soon won her over! It was such good fun watching her!

After that we walked down to the river and walked around and played in the park then I found a toddler swimming pool (with river water in it) and decided I should just strip her off and let her play - well that made it an even more special day for my water baby. A good outing was had by all!

Yum, Yum!!!

Some fun running in the playground

The toddler pool beside the river at Bright

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