Friday, March 06, 2009

Fourth Kinder

Today was really hard. Eb was already distressed before I even got out of the car.
I decided the best thing to do was to stay until she was settled. Lou - the teacher - came up to me and said the best think I could do was simply to go. Simply. Hmm - nothing is that simple. But I did understand and decided she was right. Ebony was screaming - I was crying - Lou was hugging us both and then I tried to pass Eb to Lou and she clung like a little Koala. But I just had to tear her away and walk away. I got in the car and wept. Am I really doing the right thing? I just don't know.
Lou rang me about 15 minutes later and Ebony had settled.
When I walked back in there some 3 hours later Eb was doing fine - so I stepped back out to grab my camera and when I returned she had lost it again just because I had been there and then went. Thankfully she settled back in (as the photo's show) and then the teacher put up a slide show of photo's taken of Eb during the session and she was happy and contented. What a relief. Hopefully next week will be even better!

at least she was happy and ready to go!

happy to see me again ...... with snugly of course!

joining in the fun

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