Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The things we...or should I say 'I'...do!

Someone recently put the idea of setting up a B&B at home in my head. That was about the 3rd week in January. I registered the name Elevation Mt Beauty on the 30th January. Life hasn't been the same. I'm not even sure I've done the right thing! The amount of time and energy (and money!) that has gone into this project has astounded me. We were coasting along quite well - I have set up a website www.elevationmtbeauty.com.au which took me hours and hours to do - but next thing I know I get a phone call for a booking for Easter! I accepted and then wondered what in the heck I had done. Needless to say things have gone into overdrive! We're getting there - but gosh it's time consuming. I'm sure it will be worth it but I really, REALLY feel for Eb at the moment - there just doesn't seem to be enough time for her! I know it's a season and once it's set up it will be maintenance only - but I never, ever expected it would be this consuming. Anyway - more on all that later!

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