Monday, March 09, 2009

Suixi girls weekend at Mt Beauty

Yep - it was on again. What a huge, fun weekend it was for us all.
Our 6 darling little girls running around the Mt. Beauty Holiday Park - loving their time together while the adults watched on with joy and had a good catch up too!
We took our camper trailer down to the Park on Friday night - and even then Ebony was in her element - running around - playing with dirt and stones and just generally exploring. It was so much fun just to watch her and enjoy her enjoying herself!

Does she look like she's enjoying herself??????

dancing her little heart out!

Saturday I worked at home until I knew the first person was almost there then I went and basically set up our camp. The run really started then! All the girls arrived progressively around lunch time and when they arrived there was nothing but fun and exploring to be had! They had a ball. It was very amusing to watch. Thankfully Vicki came very well prepared with Play dough and the girls made their way over there from time to time over the weekend just to enjoy some play dough (or whatever the wonderful Vicki was doing) and then they'd head back home. We were in a sort of circle so I never felt nervous about where Eb was - there's always someone watching!

Here's Camille...





Sunday we all went to the park and then for morning tea and we also decided to head over to Bright...or Wandiligong actually - to the Chinese Bridge - the girls had a lot of fun there too and so did the adults. Then it was dinner at the Harrietville Hotel and then we went to a park at Harrietville and then back home. Some of the girls stayed up late - but Eb was exhausted so she was sound asleep within minutes of us being back at camp.

The girls at the park

And at the Chinese Bridge

At the park after dinner...

Monday was already the day for everyone to leave! I couldn't believe it had happened so fast. We had a great time and we hope to be able to do the same every year. Hope you can enjoy the photo's as much as we've enjoyed the w/e - but I doubt it!
One of the things I have observed this time is how the girls have moved from enjoying dirt last year to stones this year...I wonder what next year will be!

Eb and Ruby....

Eb and Eliza...

Eb gave each of the girls an Easter Bunny (chocolate) and here's a photo of them enjoying them (well some of them!).

Eb and Ruby on Eb's bike - these two had so much fun together!

When it was time to pack up Ebony had a ball again - I think the photo's show more than my words could tell :)...but let me assure you that that IS dirt all over her!

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Chelley said...

Oh look at how much fun is been had!! Makes ya wanna jump in with them!!!

Dont think I would look right on a trike!