Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mummy's birthday

Yep - another year passes. I can't believe it really.
We had a really fun day and I'm so grateful to all the wonderful people who emailed/text/facebook etc, etc me...oh and of course those who phoned! I'm not being funny - the telephone seems to be a thing of the past but I'm a past sort of girl! I love a phone call!
(hope that doesn't make me weird or others uncomfortable!).
I met with some really sweet friends at our local winery (nope didn't have a drop!) for a lovely lunch then home while Eb had a sleep and then Gra, Eb and I went out for dinner. It was perfect.
Not much else to say really - it was a lovely pre-50 birthday and I'll share some special photo's of my darlings and me with you....

A girl's gotta enjoy the cake that Mummy made ..... for her own birthday :)

and love her Mummy on her Mummy's birthday

and one for the family...

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Chelley said...

How I love the family photo at the end of this post!!

SO very SWEET!!!!!!!