Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Very cool dude....

I love this photo...it kinda shows a glimpse of the fun little girl that Eb is becoming. She is such a character. These are great glasses because it doesn't matter if she wears them upside down - the are even top and bottom. Most glasses she wears upside down because she barely had a nose bridge! Not much else to say....just (trying to keep up!)

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mncfi said...

Jen - I am smiling as I read this! Our girl does not have much in the way of a bridge to her nose either, and now she has to wear glasses. We are onto our second pair of frames already, trying to find ones which will actually sit on her face and not drop down to her cheeks. The first ones were awful, hopefully these ones will work better for her.
Eb is so beautiful and looks so happy. Lots of love to you all! Fi.