Saturday, April 04, 2009

Aislinn's 4th Birthday

Well - as hard as it was, we had committed to a trip to Melbourne for Eb's sweet friend Aislinn's 4th birthday party. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing Eb enjoy a party...especially one of her 'China Buddies' and I was very happy to go - it's just hard work travelling. Graham couldn't go because of all we are trying to achieve at home to get ready for our B&B - so I decided to leave Friday straight after Kinder and then head to Box Hill to do some shopping and then on to Jim, Kate and Eliza's for the night. I finally arrived at their place at about 8.10pm! Way, way too late - got held up on many different fronts. Anyway - it all went ok and Eb went to sleep really well. Saturday dawned and Jim, Kate and Eliza looked after Eb while I went and did some final B&B shopping. I got back and Mandy and Meiya were there too and then we all headed off to Aislinn's party. It was a great party held at an indoor playground. Eb just loved it. She was a bit unsure when we first walked in and once again I felt her little hand tighten around mine when she heard all the noise - but she sure came around before long!

Some fun with Eliza...

and then at the birthday party

Eb, Eliza and Meiya in the ball pit

is this a 'having fun face' or a 'scared face' ????

and this one was the very best of all...Eb just loved the 'big slide' - I didn't think she'd cope very well.. but she did!

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