Monday, April 13, 2009

Elevation Mt Beauty take off........

Well - we've had our first guests - and wonderful guests they were.
I was very nervous ... this is a whole new ball game for me. I love people, but this is different!
Anyway - my fears were put to bed when the lady I had been communicating with emailed me the day before they came to ask if they needed to bring along a mug for their coffee! - If I was paying $199 a night I think I'd expect a mug for my coffee...don't you? I felt so much better. I knew her expectations weren't high :)
They arrived late Easter Thursday (about 11.30pm). Welcome to the world of B&B!
They ended up being a mother and her 3 sons aged between 15 and maybe early 20's. They had lost their husband/dad 12 years ago. They were so sweet and such great guests and they left the B&B looking much the same as they found it. They were delighted and left lovely comments. Two of the boys were up about 5am each morning to go fishing.
Gra finished all that had to be done at 8.30pm the night they arrived - but there was an issue with the pump that fills the toilets - it makes a terrible noise and is situation directly below the B&B portion of our home. Needless to say Gra had to fix that on Saturday morning - it was the only thing they mentioned when I asked if everything was ok - and they weren't complaining!
So - a great start - and now LOTS of washing to do!

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