Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday 09

We had a short time at home before we headed up to Falls Creek to participate in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Sadly Graham had to work between the Dawn Service and the Hunt and we didn't get there in time (missed by about 10 mins). We still wandered around Falls Creek Village and we bought and enjoyed a few eggs! Eb had fun on the playground ... and with her Eggs as you'll see!

We saw the Easter Bunny...but Eb was far from impressed...more like terrified!

We then went for a drive on the newly sealed road that goes to Omeo and then went off track a bit and checked out the beautiful scenery at the back of Falls was so beautiful to see!

Home for a brief while before we left for Falls Creek....

Dressed for the cold of Falls Creek....and TOTALLY enjoying Easter Eggs!

Playground at Falls Creek

Daddy and Daughter...

The 'not so cute Easter Bunny in Eb's eyes' - I think he's quite cute myself! :)

One of the views from the back of Falls Creek..

A commemorative site for those lost at Thredbo in the avalanche in July 1997

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