Saturday, April 18, 2009

When friends come to visit...

We've had friends staying at our local Caravan Park and they came to our place for dinner It's been a fun time.
Our friends at the CP have a little girl (Kayla) only 3 months younger than Eb and they played very well together. Ric and Nicole also have a little boy Jordan who is only 3 months old - so they did very, very well to camp. I had so much wanted to get down to the CP more in the time they were here - but with the B&B I was just a tad busy!
Here's some highlights of the time.

Isn't this the sweetest photo of Eb holding Jordan...and them both smiling!

Some of Eb and Kayla playing...

And then when it was all over and they had gone back to Melbourne....Ebony recovered the best way she knows how!

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