Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little ladybird and princess dancing

We had some rain finally....and LOTS of it. About 80ml of very, very welcome rain.

Anyway - it was the perfect opportunity to dress my little girl up in her ladybird gear. Won't be long and it won't fit any more! Isn't she just the cutest?!

We had to go into town because people came and looked at our camper trailer which has been for sale since before Easter. It was just too wet to set it up here at home. It sold! yeah! we're thrilled. Now we can order one that will be far more suited to the 3 of us and I really, REALLY hope we get to do some more weekends away (when it's warmer of course :).

Bye, bye much loved camper trailer.....

Then, on the same day - when we got home we lit the fire (it's been snowing up the mountain!) and she started to dance to her 'princess' DVD - it was totally cute and managed to catch one reasonable moving shot!

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