Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 4

Today was another wonderful day! Eb didn't do so well being a good friend to darling little Amalia this morning - she was 'hoarding' her toys! A bit disappointing for mummy - but proves she's a normal child!
We headed off, by bus, to do some 'Dragon Boating'. I didn't quite know what to expect - but we were all fitted out with life jackets and oars and, after some instruction, put in a boat. There were 3 boats full and we had a wonderful time. Eb got to have a paddle whenever she wanted (we just shared an oar) and she loved it! It was another beautiful day - perfect for boating! We were out for about 45 minutes (which was plenty for my arms!).

After all the activity Eb and I headed back to our accommodation for Eb to have a rest. It must have been much needed because she slept for 2 1/4 hours! We then headed off to do some 'retail therapy' at Harbourtown - which was good fun but we only had an hour so didn't get much. It was just nice to spend some relaxed time I think.
We headed back to pick Cristina and Alice up and ended up on the beach for a few hours - Eb had so much fun with Ruby and her new friend Emma who is almost 6. She is such a sweet little girl!

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