Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally an appointment....

I've waited since March to get into a specialist appointment at the Royal Children's Hospital, and finally I've received notification that we'll see them on Thursday 29th October.
This is because one of Eb's leg's (left) is 'thicker' than the other which has been the case since we brought her home. The Pediatrician has been keeping an eye on it, and when he measured her in March the leg was also 2.5cm's longer so he decided it was time to see a specialist. I'm praying that it has fixed itself...and if it hasn't, that it will need little intervention. I'll post after we've been down to Melbourne.
Thankfully she is a bright, happy and VERY physically active little girl - it doesn't seem to bother her one little bit!

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Chelley said...

please keep us updated... Oh and do not google it!!! my worst prob with things like that!!!