Sunday, September 27, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 1

This is a once a year event. We went to the first one in Phillip Island when Ebony was 2 yrs 2 months. Last year we couldn't go - it was in Sydney.
This year it was held in Adelaide, South Australia.
My special friend Cristina - who I first met via 'blogging' and her darling little daughter 'Alice' (also adopted from China) drove us to all the way to Adelaide. Ebony and I spent Friday night with my Brother, Sister-in-law and Beccy and Lizzie which was lovely. Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Strathmore which is where I left my car and Cristina and Alice picked us up. We went and had breakfast together and then we got on the road. We stopped in Bordertown SA that night in a lovely motel then today was the 'first' day and it was filled with fun! We arrived at our Accommodation about 1ish and Cristina and Alice went to their room for a nap while Eb and I unpacked and waited for Ruth and Mei to arrive. Then we all headed to where the 'camp' was happening.
Today was a bit of a 'getting to know you' session for the children (Eb was a bit young for that one!) and then we had a dinner out at a very yummy Chinese Restaurant. It was a fun night with a presentation by a Chinese Dragon (which terrified a number of the children....including mine!). Then back to our accommodation where our girls slept while Ruth and I caught up.

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Chelley said...

How cool is that! looking forward to hearing how it went