Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 3

Eb and Mei having some morning fun together before a BIG day!

Today was a really big day! We had already decided not to do Tai-Chi because it just made it too much of a rush. So, we boarded the bus at 9.30 and set off for our first destination....China Town. Here we did a wonderful 'Treasure Hunt'

which we all enjoyed....although it was over much quicker than our time had allowed so of course we made our way to a cafe to enjoy a Chai Latte and the girls just had fun running around the market!

Sadly, I picked Mei up from laying on the floor and managed to partially 're-bulge' my disc - that made for an interesting rest of the day let me tell you. I coped fairly well but ended up jumping in the car with Ruth (who had to leave that afternoon) rather than the bus until the last leg of the journey.
It was a fun day though. After the Treasure Hunt officially finished we all met at a wonderful restaurant in China Town and had a very, VERY yummy lunch! Then it was off to the Melba Chocolate Factory - well I don't think I need to say too much about that one! It was delicious and fun....

Eb and Mei waiting outside the Chocolate Factory for the bus to arrive....

From there it was off to a Toy Factory which was good - but the best thing was that we could walk the children amongst animals. Eb was a bit reserved, but seemed to enjoy her time. Ruby is so used to animals (she lives on a small farm) that she was a good influence on Ebony!

and YES! I was actually there too - but this is the only photo that proves it!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Ruth and Mei who had to head back to Melbourne. We boarded the bus for a yucky (for Mummy) drive down the Adelaide Hills and back to our accommodation. Tonight we have moved in with Tracey and Amalia for the next two days so it was fun catching up with Tracey and spending some time with darling little Amalia who only arrived 'home' in Australia 2 months ago. She is an amazing and resilient little girl with a Mummy who is doing such a wonderful job of loving her!

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