Friday, January 15, 2010

Let the lessons begin...

This week we have done a 5 day swimming intensive. Eb has learned so much and she's done quite well. She isn't great on concentration though! There were two girls and two boys and interestingly the boys were FAR more attentive! The girls chatted and went about doing their own thing quite a lot - it was very funny to watch. I had to stop myself from calling Eb into line - I realised I really needed Amy (the wonderful teacher) to do that!

Day One...
As you'll see she wasn't at all sure at first!

Bubble blowing



Day Two

Not sure about this one !

Bubble blowing with a board...


Day three


Day Four
? some progress?.....well at least she is in the bigger pool!

Last Day
...and if only we could do another week!...but we can't....


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