Friday, January 08, 2010

More water time

It's been very hot here again, so the girls have spent lots of time in the water. We went to Wodonga and gave the girls some 'real' pool time which they really enjoyed - then, before we left for home we decided to try a Thai restaurant that we had heard about - it's very traditional and they even have one of the trolley's out on the pavement. It was totally delicious and both Eb and Renee loved it!

Then it was back to the river. Eb and Renee had some serious fun together. I was a little concerned because Eb doesn't have a life jacket yet (on the list for the next trip to Melbourne) and the water was quite deep - but we kept an eagle eye and the girls stayed away from the flow and Renee is a very responsible girl too!. They just had a ball together on a beautiful summers night!

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Chelley said...

sweet photos!! are these taken with you new pride and joy?