Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not more fun at the River!?

Yes - Renee convinced us! I wasn't that fussed but I really wanted Renee to have as much fun as we could pack into a 3 week holiday! we went.....and I'm SO glad we did :)
I decided to get in myself this time...and after the initial shock it was like a bath! Renee and I ended up heading up stream for some fun at the end of what they call 'the crusher' where the river diverts of and then there are minor rapids. Well - we then got adventurous and decided to find the beginning of 'the crusher' and THEN we bravely took it on!
I haven't laughed so much for a LONG time! It was a bit scary at times. We had a flotation device each and that just didn't work, so we got on one and then kinda held on to the other - well I'm not sure how wise that was as we got pushed and turned around in the swirls of the water. Renee faced on way and me the other and I was looking away from the way we were headed when Renee started to laugh so much and couldn't talk but was trying to get me to look the way we were headed - I finally got to turn around and we were headed straight for a tree that had fallen over the river. It took some maneuvering on my part - but we managed to get under a section of it.
It was a bit scary at times but it was SO much fun. Can't wait for the next time!...and sadly I couldn't take photo's.
Of course I was a bit naughty and didn't tell Graham where we were headed (because I didn't know when we started out!) and he was just a tad concerned.....understandably!

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