Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fun holiday time ramblings and happenings

I just love holiday time! We are having so much fun and it's absolutely wonderful having Renee back here with me.

We've done some fun things and I'm sure we'll do plenty more! Renee and I are actually getting quite a bit of scrapbooking done too!
Eb has enjoyed her first Milkshake!

My brother Tez also came to visit for a few days which was lovely.

I also attempted another painted face for Eb - I was actually very happy with myself!

We went for a drive and encountered a very fried magpie - very bizarre photo I know and not set up at all :) - it was literally hanging from the power wires!

We had some more Singstar fun too.....
Eb's become a Queen fan! :)

We also had a LOT of fun times down the river!

Look at this growing up little girl!

I'm not too sure about this daddy!

why not dance down the river?

Loving pancakes with sprinkles!

My little ?lefthanded? drawing girl...

and one of her masterpieces....

Well, I simply don't want the end of January to come. I am just totally NOT ready for Eb to start kinder 3 mornings a week!....but I guess it has to happen and I guess I'll cope. Not sure about that first day though - I'm expecting tears and not necessarily from Eb!

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