Monday, March 28, 2011

First tooth gone :(

Well it happened. I've been dreading it only because I know how much your face will change and how much more grown up you'll look.
It's been loose for about 6 months now - but recently it's become very loose. Well - you couldn't eat because it was troubling you so much so we tried to get it out and believe it or not Daddy finally got the pliers out and voila! it was done :)
Yes the tooth fairy did find you and we couldn't believe it when you got a note - yes $5! I think the tooth fairy did that because you are so familiar with coins and she wanted you to have something special first time! Go tooth fairy!

Before it came out when the offending tooth was very wobbly!

This is the little tooth .....

And then the next day ready for school.....with a new smile :)

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