Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photography course week 3 task....

Documentary - Connect - Warmth ......... Giggle

Just by the way - every one of these was shot in Manual! 3 weeks ago I knew there was a manual on my dial - now it’s becoming my friend

Firstly - I have had so much fun doing this task - the anticipation and the shoot were really fun. It was very hard getting two excited little girls to do what I was wanting them to do but - that’s photography! We had a family reunion at the beach this weekend and the weather was a bit against me - but although I’m not really happy with the photo’s - I know that once I learn more in Photoshop I’ll be able to ‘work’ them much better. These photo’s are SOOC….and I was using my new lens for the very first time in many of the photo’s - so….here goes!

Documentary - I was trying to piece together a session that had a bit of a story relating to Connect - Warmth - Giggles. I really hope othe story comes across….I think the giggles, warmth and connection comes across with these gorgeous cousins (who we call Ebony and Ivory :)....the ‘documentary was the harder part!

First - the ‘documentary’ shows 2 photo’s of uncertainty….

Then along comes ‘connect’ in the form of Eb’s cousin Lizzie…..

Then ‘warmth’ with Lizzie showing love and care….

I love how, in the photo below, Ebony touches Lizzie’s hand as if to say ‘thank you’....

Then it was time for ‘giggles’....and lots of them!

...and finally - ‘connection - warmth’.......and more giggles!

I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure about a lot of things…and keep having to remind myself about things like the ‘rule of thirds’. I will get there though - I’m so determined and I so love what I’m doing.

and here is Sheye's critique...


Oh Jen, I have tears in my eyes too. You really, really did SO well at this task and I am thrilled to bits you shot it all on manual. It’s funny because sometimes I read over the words I set and they suddenly seem so difficult to combine! I think you pulled off ‘documentary’ so very well..your images tell the story perfectly. It’s so sweet that the girls were keen to help you with this project, you can see they were happy to act out your tale. Great job to them, and you!!

The first image particularly jumps out at me as being exposed so well. That beautiful blue sky and lovely skin tones all in the one frame - this is not easy to do. The colors are just lovely and it shows what having the right settings can achieve.

I also love the tight framing throughout, the connection part of your story is strengthened just through having these close focal lengths. The giggles images are so cute..I can imagine the commentary :)

As the light dropped, I think you may have been able to increase exposure just a little further. By the last image, things are a little flatter overall so an ISO bump might have just given a little lift without risking over exposure.

Your compositions are great Jen, I know you would change the subjects position in some of them but overall I think they’re wonderful and make a beautiful collection of images. They will certainly treasure them.

On a personal note, I want to say that your story, and the images of your beautiful girl, have impacted me greatly. With today being one of the more challenging days, I see Ebony and I am reminded that with time and patience, perhaps there are bigger things waiting. Beautiful, amazing, always-meant-to-be things. You don’t know how much I needed this today. Or then, you probably do. Thank you Jen.


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Bernie said...

YAY Jen - these came up beautifully. Of course the subjects were beautiful so I'm sure that helped :)
You are doing SO well - I'm proud of you!
Love lots