Sunday, March 20, 2011

A weekend at Granite Flat

We managed to get away for a weekend again! I was so thrilled. This time we made it to the place we planned to go to early in January and we got there just as a second car pulled in - but they happily left us there! It's such a great spot and we love dour time here. We relaxed and spent time doing 'family stuff'. Gra fished again (with Eb at times). Eb played beautifully and there was no need for DVD's this time! I still got time to do what I wanted and yes - we used the shower again. It's great! We have come such a long way and we are getting very self-sufficient. I love it! and so does Gra and Eb ::::: yeah!

Here's some of the fun in video format!
A bush walk that involved blackberry's!

and a log jam - this was amazing. Saw this in the States - but never expected to see it here. The river was so high in comparison to normal.

and this one is taken in a spot we camped at when you had been with us a whole 4 months...sadly it was closed to camping because of the damage of the floods....

breakfast in the bush!

Eb's 'heart rock' she found....and lost.....and found

Great kicking!....

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