Monday, March 07, 2011

Photography course week 2 task

This was my entry for this weeks task...

I never want to be this late again! I’ve had a very, VERY hectic - but lovely, birthday weekend and then had to go to Albury for the day today. I’ve spent many waking hours thinking about how to go about this - it’s done my head in at times…..but it’s been so worthwhile for so many reasons!...and I gave up looking at others entries after about the first 3 because I knew it was going to do my head in even more!

I’m going to upload this main photo first .... but if I can get a better one in the daylight tomorrow - I’ll try to replace this one….or I’ll post another one…if not - I hope this will do and I’m sure glad we’re not being critiqued on our photography!

Just as a note - I would have LOVED to add a photo of my much loved camera here - but my point and shoot is being very hard to get on with and the battery went flat in a very short period so I just couldn’t add it in :)

Now - some words to go with my ‘All about you’ entry…..

Wow - how amazing it was to delve into a ‘style’.

The colours in this collection relate to the beauty that surrounds me - it’s a reflection of the gorgeous colours of the earth…and the beautiful blue of the sky. I love these two colours together and that’s why I chose them as the ‘theme’ of my B&B (photo of the sign at the bottom).

The heart(s) are for love - for all the love I still have inside me…and all that I have given away. I love, love, love to love. I love my family, I love people and I love my life….and I LOVE this course!

The frame itself was made by my Dad. He is still alive and I love him more than words (as I do my precious Mum). He made a lot of these frames for me and they represent my love of nature and country. Even the ‘window’ effect is so me.

The book is my Bible - much used and much loved. My faith in God underscores much of who I am today.

Up the top is my engagement ring (would have included my wedding ring but it’s not been off my finger since it was put there 18.5 years ago!).....along with my husbands ‘eternity’ chain - which I gave him on our wedding day because his work doesn’t allow him (too dangerous) to wear a ring.

The little book on the left is snippet of the journey that led to Ebony and I treasure it. I put it together not long after we returned home.

There is a photo of my scrapbooking desk (and inspiration area) and there is a photo of my kitchen (bit hard to capture but that is a window behind the stove top)...and I love working in my kitchen and being able to look out the window at the beautiful, peaceful, grassy garden area we have made out there.

There is a picture right up the top of my Netbook with a rose on it (they are both pink!)....I love my Netbook - it’s one of my favorite companions :)

There is a photo of candles - I love candles in any form - they create such a beautiful mood (along with music!).

There is a photo of my bed - I don’t seem to get a lot of time in there…but I love it and I wake to the most amazing views from it.

Couldn’t leave out a photo of my favorite ‘chai latte’ and a cupcake. I so enjoy both!

The little bear is ‘Yogi’ and we were given him when we hired a motor home to travel around Canada before we took on 4 weeks of traveling from N-S-E-W of the USA back in 2005. Yogi was our travel companion from that day - right through our trip to get Ebony. Sadly, Yogi was retired when Ebony came into our lives….but I’ll never part with him - nor forget him!

Now for the photo’s…..

Top left is our life before Ebony - our marriage - then the celebration of Graham’s 50th birthday - then just one from the amazing (and plentiful!) photo’s we took on our trip to the USA and Canada - it was taken at the Grand Canyon.

Bottom left is our journey to Ebony - first is the referral photo we received 8 weeks before she was placed in our arms (and the same one that lived under my pillow - in my wallet - by the sink - on the mirror in the bathroom - in the laundry - in the car…you name it!) The second one is the one that touches my heart more than any other photo I have - it’s the moment Graham (who is a biological dad to a son and daughter..and now has a grandson and granddaughter) broke and realised that this precious little life was ours to have and to hold and to love until the day after forever. The third one is the amazing and unforgettable moment we became a family of 3.

Top right is all about firsts for me - the very first kiss my darling girl ever gave me - just before she turned 2. The second photo is the first time I dressed her up in a little Chinese outfit that made her look like the beautiful little princess she is - we’d only been together a very short time. The third photo is a celebration of her second birthday….the first birthday that she ever celebrated - we filled her day with as much love and joy we could to make up for the loss of her birth and first birthday.

Bottom right - another favorite photo with Ebony’s hand in Graham’s ~ candles that I love and finally ~ a gorgeous photo of the views from our home.

Phew - that was HUGE for me - but I’m happy with the end result and hope that it fits the bill!

What an exercise in self-discovery. How amazing to have to look at a task and come up with a style. I guess I did do it for the B&B but it wasn’t as hard as this!

Now I’m going to enjoy going and catching up with what everyone else has done! Can’t wait for next weeks task… has to be easier????doesn’t it?????

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