Monday, March 21, 2011

Photography course week 4 entry

Wow - another week of learning - learning - learning! I have never Photoshoped in anyway - so this is a first. I bought Elements 9 (just before the course began) - but decided to try out the trial Version of CS5 for this. I’m really struggling with different techniques but am learning fast! Sheye I’ve no real idea of what I’m doing but decided that any entry I can submit and learn from is worth doing - so here goes!

Sheye’s original….

My first attempt….not enough difference to me

Attempt 2 - b&w…(but with just a fraction of colour)

This will be my final attempt below…....I am getting more comfortable and did play with the eyes (and curves!) a bit in this one - but I’m so totally out of my depth! I didn’t want to just give up so have tried my best given my limited time at the moment and my lack of knowledge! Evolve I PROMISE I will have better PS skills! xx

Gosh I’m going to miss you Sheye - Fran and all the gorgeous girls doing this course! xx

I think you did a great job Jen!! The last one is my fave! xo (Mel Riddell)

My amazing JenJen - the last looks perfect to me. It’s certainly not easy - I think there are alot of us that are newbies…but with practice I’m sure we will ‘evolve’ and our photography and PS skills will be outstanding!!!

Lou. X

Hi Jen!

I think you did sooooo well. For someone who is so new to PS, to achieve such a lovely edit is fantastic. It’s natural, it’s enhanced, it’s got a great amount of light and still feels soft. All the things I wanted for that image.

The black and white is well done..I’d probably add a wee bit more contrast just for some further depth but you’re well on your way which is great, conversions can be tricky.

I’m reeeeally impressed and you should be too! I can’t wait to see what you pick up over time because it seems this is really quite natural to you!

Thankyou for the wonderful effort.
Sheye x

ps, I agree the first edit is probably a little ‘light’ on the enhancements and I see more reflection in the eyes than I’d normally add..By the time you got to the third edit though you’d turned pro so it’s all good smile
x (Sheye)

Sweet Sheye - I have had some ‘teachers’ in my life ..... but NO -ONE comes close to you when it comes to encouraging critiquing - I can’t thank YOU enough and let me say that this time YOU brought tears to my eyes. I’ll miss you until we ‘meet’ again….. (Jen)

jen you did sooo well, you are a star ... love the b&w x

Awww!! You’re so good to me! Thank you Jen, I just love doing this so much!

To be able to create beautiful images of other peoples families is so rewarding but one step further, to teach people to do it for themselves, is even better to me smile .... Sheye

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