Friday, March 25, 2011

Photography Course - fun for me task!

The course is nearly over and I feel very sad :( ... but I've learned so much I can't stay sad for long!

Here's my final entry (I think). I have just over a day before the forum closes so who knows if I'll get a chance to do more. We'll see.....

This photo I wish I hadn’t applied the rule of thirds!!!...but love the cheeky grin…

Looking forward to some PS on the one below !

Should have zoomed in a little or moved Eb away from the tree a bit (below)

Better but almost lost her foot and I’m still forgetting that rule of thirds!!!

same in this one below….

rule of thirds! rule of thirds!....where art thost

hmmm.. feet missing and a bit of blur below

chopped off foot again :)

...anyway - that was just a bit of fun and a bit of practice for me….and some different locations to try out! Eb was amazing and we really enjoyed it!

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