Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My sweet little princess....

I had to write this down. When I go out to the clothesline - Eb loves coming with me. She either hands me pegs or puts the pegs back BUT what she loves doing most of all is 'sweeping the back step'! it's so totally cute.

Another thing she is doing a lot these days is 'gathering'. Recently we had one of our 'rare' trips to McDonalds and I let her have a 'happy meal'. She loved the ring that came with the meal! Then she came home from school with the 'cups' of acorn shells. She also gets to choose something from the 'happy box' at school on Fridays. Last Friday it was a cute little highlighter pen.

So - each night they have to be lined up on her bedside table and each morning (even if it's 2 in the morning! she brings them all in with her). She leaves them in her room when she goes to school.....but otherwise they are very close at hand!

I just think it's too cute!

And one more thing - on Sunday Graham had to go away overnight and for the first time she cried when he left. I'm so relieved that there is a special bond forming between these two gorgeous people that make me whole.

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