Friday, May 16, 2008

Helena, Jay, Sunny and Jaz

Well - it finally happened. Helena and I got to see our precious girls playing together and it brought me so much joy. It was wonderful and special. The girls - of course - were not as keen on the whole deal as the mum's were...but that's ok. By the end of our time with them, the girls were having a ball playing musical instruments and just enjoying each other. Poor Jaz had missed her afternoon sleep so she was a bit out of sorts, but she came around. Sunny is just adorable and I could kiss her and hug her until the end of days. I'm just so glad we got to spend time together. It was all a bit rushed and there were lots of people, but at least we made it. For me, it was like just being back with old friends again. I wish we could have chatted more - but all in all it was a great visit and a (very fast) couple of hours.

Did these children have fun or what????

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