Sunday, May 25, 2008


Over this past week I’ve had the absolute joy of spending lots of time one on one with my darling girl as we’ve travelled to visit my Mum and Dad for a brief stay (while they are holidaying in Narooma). We stayed in a Motel on the way and my little princess fell asleep on the ‘big’ bed while I relaxed after a gruelling day of driving. I was just too exhausted to get out the porta cot.

While we’ve been up here in Narooma, the sleeping patterns were very disturbed initially and I’ve been bringing Eb into bed with me in the early hours of the morning. What that has done is given me the privilege of watching her sleep and watching her wake up - something I’ve never really been able to do. She’s waking a little later because her sleeping has been a bit erratic, but I’ve been waking earlier.

To watch my little princess sleeping - her beautiful soft raven hair as it has fallen over her tiny round, perfect little face – to see her little chest rise and fall – to see her little rosebud lips form the sucking motion that it does – to watch her eyes move around while still closed – to see how much her ‘snugly’ is part of her sleeping and how much she loves it and to watch her still tiny hands grasping for it – to see how at times those tiny hands reach out to grasp mine too …. oh such joy! – to watch her slowly starting to wake up and then when she sees my face right there beside her to have her face light up into the most beautiful of smiles and then her lips to form the word ‘bottle’ as she relies on me to provide her needs. 2 years and 9 months – another long wait to see what most parents have the privilege of seeing from birth. And once again absolutely worth the wait.

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