Sunday, May 18, 2008

A wedding and a naming day

We were invited to our Nephew's wedding and his daughter's naming day. It was a lovely weekend. Eb and I caught the train from Melbourne where we had been up to Benalla and then Graham picked us up from Benalla and we made our way to Alexandra. We stayed in a cabin in a Tourist Park and it was all a bit of a rush. I wasn't at all sure how Eb was going to cope with all that had been going on and no sleep - but she was a star as usual. She had a ball. I thought I would have to bring her 'home' for a sleep between the wedding and the reception - but she was firing on all cylinders and she lasted at the reception until about 7ish when I thought I better be wise and bring her home. Once I lay her down (in our big bed for the first time ever without us) I thought she might try and get up, but she was amazing and I think she was asleep within minutes and there she slept happily until Daddy arrived home and we moved her to her cot.

Believe it or not.....the wedding 'car'

The happy family

Enjoying the atmosphere

In Pa's walker

More fun with Pa

Filling in time between wedding and reception

Blowing bubbles!

A lovely photo with Nana and Pa at the reception

having fun at the reception

Sunday was the naming day and although we didn't stay long (it was SO cold) Eb certainly did have fun. On the way home we stopped in Benalla to see Col, Mandy and Meiya as you'll see!

The star of the day

Our star of the day :)

Eb and Meiya playing on the Barbie computer

...and a kiss goodbye!

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