Friday, May 16, 2008

This time it's a Melbourne adventure

Eb's first train ride! we had so much fun. I think I'd always go this way if transport in Melbourne wasn't an issue! Eb loved being able to move around - the 'conditions' were great and so was the food believe it or not!

Playing peek-ta-boo (as Eb says) while waiting for the train

It wasn't as serious as it looks!

We stayed with Chris, Ruth and Mei again - and we were all very excited to be going to see 'The Wiggles on Thursday. Well! we may have been, but Mei and Eb weren't THAT excited. Poor Mei was really scared and wouldn't even look at them (spent most of the time buried into her mummy or daddy's neck) and Eb wouldn't leave my lap. She grabbed me for dear life if I looked the wrong way. Obviously the 'small' wiggles on TV are ok, but the 'big' ones are a bit much - not to mention the noise. I had fun though!

At the Wiggles

After the Wiggles, the other Mum's and children (Vicki, Camille - Kate, Eliza - Wendy, Ruby and Ruth, Chris and Mei were all there - sadly Mandy and Meiya couldn't come!) came back to Ruth and Chris's for lunch. It was such a beautiful Autumn day and the girls had lots of fun together - Eb fell in the 'pond' once and then got we once - so it was a (rare) 3 change day! But lots of fun was had by all.

3 of the 4 girls after the Wiggles...not sure where Miss Camille was!

Friday Marg came and visited and we had a lovely time taking Eb to the park and going for a walk. It was lovely but over way too quickly.

Fun in the park

And then even more fun!!

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