Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just some thoughts.....

These are just some thoughts I put on paper while I sat and Eb slept on our night in a Motel in Cooma on the way to visit my Dad and Mum.

My darling girl
I sit here - it's 8.30pm on Wednesday 21st May, 2008
We're on our own in a a Motel in Cooma
I've never stayed in a Motel on my own - let alone with my daughter
That is what you are - my daughter
At times I can't believe it
You're now 2 and 9 months
I can't believe how time as flown
We're together - forever
I love you with a love that knows no bounds
How did I ever live without you?
That's one of the miracles of life live without when you know no different
Then to know what you've missed
I've missed you all my life
I love you - adoring you is wrong
I adore your Daddy - he made you possible
I couldn't have done it without him
You are so innocent - so pure
You haven't been tainted by the world yet
But that will come
I can see how poets are born
How to express feelings that are so incredibly deep
They are very hard to express

that's what it is
She knows nothing else
She loves us like she's been with us forever
.....however will that be the story for her?
For now her love is like the opening blossom on a tree at springtime
It's perfect - it has no flaws
It is complete
But will it stay like this forever?
When will the questions start?
When will the doubts set in?
They will
A fallen world promises that
My love for her is beyond measure
It's beyond anything I ever expected
.....or anticipated
It's complete
But will she feel that way?
Or will many of her tomorrows hold pain?
That's not what I want for her - it's far from it
Can I save her from these emotions - these questions?
I can't
I would give my life if I could save her from the doubts - but I can't
They are part of her journey
All I can do is be there.

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so sweet.....