Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day number 2

Mummy, Mummy, Mummy - words I've longed to hear for longer than I can remember.

How has this little girl changed so much of who I am? - Incredibly and irrevocably.
How has she learned that to smile at me brings me joy - so she does it?
How has she learned that when I put my finger in her mouth with cake mixture on it, she can now get it off without biting me?
How has she learned to sing 'twinkle, twinkle little star', and 'ba ba black sheep'?
How has she learned to say 'sorry' at times when she knows she's hurt me?
How has she come to understand that I love her and will never hurt her or leave her?
How has she come to know that when she's scared all she has to do is run to my arms?
How has she come to know that hugging me is such a special thing to do - and then to add 'patting' me when she hugs me for extra special feeling?
How has she come to say 'poor Daddy' or 'poor teddy' or whatever and then when I say they are OK she says 'happy Daddy' or 'happy Teddy'?
How has she come to know that all she has to do is purse her little lips in sadness when I correct her and my heart melts?
How is it that now she goes to sleep saying 'too cute' and 'mummy'? - (the too cute is for her by the way!).
How is it that she wakes up saying 'Mummy'
How is it that many times during the day she says or sings 'Mummy'
How is it that she knows how incredibly special it makes me feel when she puts her tiny hand in mine....and holds on like there's no tomorrow.
How has she become so totally cute and adorable?

It's been a magical Mother's Day simply because this year so much more than last year, Eb knows I'm her Mummy.

All my love goes out to those special people whose arms are not yet filled with their little miracle - however that miracle may come. I remember only too well.
All my love also to those who are now enjoying Mother's Day - like me - through the eyes of our own little miracle.
All my love to those who have been Mummy's for a long time.
And - all my love to those Mummy's for whom Mother's Day is painful.....and there are many, many of you out there.

Here is my little angel sleeping............


Chelley said...

You are a wonderful mother and wife!

You truly amaze me!

Cathy said...

Happy Mother's Day! I especially liked the end of your post...there are a lot of women experiencing Mother's Day in different ways. It was nice of you to remember them all :)

Cristina said...

Another beautiful post Jen. Thanks so much for sharing.

Hugs and blessings,
Cristina xx

Mendy said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day from Florida, USA! You are an awesome MOM!