Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back to Melbourne

Part 2 of Permanent Care.
It's been hard. The trips to Melbourne and another long one in between.
Anyway, the upside of these trips is seeing Steve, Sandi, Molly and Ming. They are unbelievably wonderful and Ebony loves them all....especially Ming! They get on so well together and I love watching them. Steve, Sandi, Molly and Ming look after Ebony while we go to the Education Groups. More about that on our PC blog (when I get to finally update it!).
Thankfully we had no sleep terrors or anything bad at all. Eb was basically happy to leave us (she went off in the car with Sandi) and then we came back home at lunchtime to get her off to sleep (she slept for 3 hours!). Sandi is so wise with Eb - she just knows how to handle the difficult times and obviously coped with Ebony waking very well - it was one of the things I was concerned about because Eb doesn't wake well with me
there - let alone without me. Anyway it was all good and here are some photo's of darling Ming and Ebby. They really do get on very very well :)

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Chelley said...

they look very cute together!!! :O)