Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gardening with Mummy

Another joy! - we have so much fun together - and Ebony is like me in so many ways. She loves doing things around me - she'll bring her toys or whatever she's doing to where I am and just sit at my feet and play. I could be cooking - ironing.....or gardening. I was struck by this when I had a morning gardening. She pinched my 'gardening pillow' (for my knees) and just followed me around wherever I went. I managed to catch a couple of photo's when I snuck away to get the camera without her knowing! The first couple of photo's are taken inside before we started - then one of her having lunch at her table in the back yard....and then gardening.

I thought it was so cute and just reminded me so much of me and how I like to be around people. If there's someone around I'd much rather be with them than on my own.

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