Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being Mummy to a little girl

I find being a Mummy to my little girl so much fun.
Not to say I wouldn't feel the same if she had been a boy - it would have been very different - but still fun I've no doubt.
I love dressing her up - I love the fact that although she is sporty - she's still a girly girl. I love doing her hair and I love seeing her at play. It's wonderful.
We are starting to get lots of 'love......'. Lots and lots of 'I love Daddy' - for no reason in the middle of the day when he's not even around. I get an 'I love Mummy' from time to time and I love it when I get it! I'm there all the time - that's why it's infrequent. She also 'loves' Gabi her doll - the man down the street - the car - the balloon - the puzzle - Nana - you name it!
I'm getting THE most beautiful hugs these days - they are 'real' hugs.
Eb is still a bit reserved when it comes to hugs or kisses for anyone else - even Daddy. She seems to have a strong sense of her 'own space'. I feel a bit sad at times because I would love her to be affectionate but I know that this is her reality - not mine.
She is starting to say lots more sentences - even though at times you need to work through where her mind has been to work out what she is trying to say!

As I said - I love being a Mummy to my little girl - here's how her room looks now that I've been able to set it all up properly! It's still a bit of work in progress, but I'll get there in time :)

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