Friday, February 20, 2009

Growing Up

It's time for a bit of an update on some of my darling girls 'Ebonyisms' as we call them.

She is now totally out of nappies - she hasn't had a wet nappy since the 14th Jan and even then it was only the odd day every few weeks. She's been free of nappies since Sunday 15th Feb. Hasn't had an accident since early November and has never had an accident in her cot or bed. (Phew!)

We saw the Maternal Health Nurse yesterday for her 3.5yr check up. Ebony is 3.5 today.
She is 99cm tall
and weighs 15.3kgs
Sadly, the appointment was very hard for me - although Eb is doing very well in many areas - she's definitely behind in others. The Maternal Health Nurse wants her to see an Occupational Therapist. I feel the best thing is to go along with her and just see what happens. I feel she is coming ahead in leaps and bounds. She is being compared to a 3.5 year old that grew up in a totally normal environment. She didn't. I know she'll get there - I'll feel better about it all in a few days I'm sure.

Her speech is coming along really well - but she still has some very funny little sayings....
She is starting to say 'i luff.....' things (and people) now (finally :)
Look is still 'wook'
Any word with the second letter 'l', flock, cloud, please ... she fully pronounces the 'l' and draws it out. It sounds so funny, but I just can't write it how it sounds!
Mummy and Daddy are 'Mum' and 'Dad' at the moment
She picks up her play phone and says 'hello'.....'good' .... how you doing?..... :)
She says 'no home' when she knows we're heading that way (not at all sure why!)
Whenever she comes to work with me she says 'no puppy' 'cause she's not at all sure of the puppy there
When she wants something like cheese she'll look at me as say cheese? and then she'll nod her head and say 'yes'? to make sure I know what she wants and that she'll get it....and she doesn't let up until I say the word yes!
There are so many more, but now many I can't write because they are just so out there...she's trying so many words. She WILL get there I know.

She is extremely good with her please/thankyou/sorry. She will often say sorry when I've accidentally bumped her or she's bumped herself. Too cute.

When I go into her after a sleep (as long as she's in a good frame of mind) she'll hide under the blankets giggling....what a girl!

She loves her big bed.

She has to get in and out of the car and car seat on her own (when I let her!).

She has to hold my hand no matter where we're going. (I LOVE it!)

She's quite coy around people...I couldn't say she's shy though.

She is very much like me in that she will bring whatever she's doing to wherever I am. Today I was ironing in the laundry and she brought most of her toy box in so she could play beside me. That's so like me wanting to be around others.

She loves....
Still warms to men before women
Ming Poynton! (her little friend who was adopted from China and happens to be a boy!)
Completely plain popcorn
Playing outside when I'm gardening

She doesn't sleep well in the car at all (still) but generally travels better than she used to.

She still has sleep terrors sadly.

She is struggling with colours but doing very well with shapes.

She confuses warm/cold and she says she's hungry as soon as she's eaten (at times). She will often say she's tired....but only because she wants her 'snugly' which she is now (mostly) only allowed when she's in bed.

She recognises when it's windy and will often say it - I don't think she likes the wind.

She's quite my little buddy now - I miss her SO much when she's not around (which is rare of course). She is still - totally - the sunshine in my life.

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san3huis said...

Beautifully written, Jen
It's so nice and comforting to be able to compare our girls with each other... Bo acts a lot like Eb, but we'll talk aboot that in the mail...
How GOOD of Eb that she can do without nappies at night! We tried once with Bo but it didn't work.
I feel exactly the same as you, about being around them a lot, being the sunshine of your life, etc.
Hope to "hear" fom you soon!